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Pure Exploration 2021 Program

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Please note that PURE EXPLORATION has appointed Frosch Student Travel as a travel agent. Please review the details below pertaining to your program.

You may direct all travel related questions to Frosch Student Travel via email at and by phone at 650-762-1880 or 1-800-467-5032.


NEPAL   JANUARY/29/2021—APRIL/23/2021

     Arrive KATHMANDU/KTM any time on January/29

     Fly back from KATHMANDU/KTM any time on April/23


FLIGHT BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS : Please email your reservation request to Frosch Student Travel with the details listed below.


  1. Please specify your Program Name
  2. Your name as per your Passport or Valid government ID
  3. Your Date of Birth
  4. Your Phone number
  5. Your Dates of Travel and specific airport or city where you would like to fly from.

Payment form link:  Click here for Online Payment Form

Please do not submit the payment form until you have received and accepted the fare quote via email.

Once we receive your reservation request we will create an itinerary/airfare and email it to you for review and approval.  Once your approve your itinerary/airfare and pay for the ticket, your ticket will be issued and an Electronic ticket confirmation will be emailed to you.